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Jumpers Knee

How I finally got rid of Jumpers Knee (Patella Tendonitis).

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My Jumpers Knee Story is below.  Please tell your Jumpers Knee Story in the Testimonial Area Below.

 Hello, my name is Jimmy.  I am not a doctor or physical therapist.  I am just a regular person like you.  I have been playing sports my whole life and don't ever want to quit playing sports.  I made this site to let people know how I got rid of my jumpers knee (patella tendonitis), because I know how HORRIBLE it is to have it.  Once you have it, it hurts just to sit with your knee bent, much less playing your sport activities.  I had it for about 5 years.  Well, I finally got rid of it and its been gone now for over 5 years.  Now, both of my knees feel great!

 I remember trying everything I could to get rid of my jumpers knee (patella tendonitis), and I found multiple things that helped, including the Patella Tendon Strap, Neoprene Knee Brace (with an open knee to keep the knee cap in place), Great Shoes for MAXIMUM SUPPORT (I wear Nike Air Monarch's, they have Full Length Air and are awesome to play hard court sports in! FYI, Shoe Carnival carries these shoes), Great Insoles, and Anodyne Light Therapy (read What is Anodyne Light Therapy).  Although these all helped, they did not give me the total result that I was looking for.

 Well, I knew that their had to be something out there that would help me obtain the results I was looking for.  And their is!  I stumbled onto my jumpers knee cure while taking a weight lifting supplement, TwinLab's Creatine Stack.  I literally stumbled onto a cure for my jumpers knee.  I was only taking it to try to build muscle.  After experimenting, I figured out that Creatine by itself and L-Glutamine by itself, both helped my tendonitis, but I found that both together was even better for my knees.   I continued to take it and now my jumpers knee is gone ( I AM NOT EXAGGERATING, IT WORKED LIKE A CHAMP FOR ME!).  I might feel a little tendonitis in my knee from time to time, but only after over-training and its nothing at all comparable to how bad it used to be.  For the most part, I feel 100%.  I highly recommend trying it.  When I over-train / play to much ball, I will use the supplement.  The Dosing Guide is on the label below.  I am 190 lbs and I only take a half dose.  (I don't take any on days that I expect to have a big cardio exercise day such as playing sand doubles volleyball because I will fatigue and over heat fast if I do).  I experimented and only take what I feel my body needs.

 Here is my weekly routine.  I play sand doubles for 2-3 hours twice a week.  Sometimes 3 times a week (no creatine for me on those days).  I lift weights 2-3 days a week.  My body stays seriously sore (especially my knees!) if I don't take my Creatine.  Just a half dose a day makes my body's muscles and tendons feel awesome! 

(I personally don't think its a good ideal to take anything 7 days a week, so I only take what I feel I need.) 

 Now you know what I found to work for me.  Here is a link to it in case you want to try it out.  If you do, post a comment on the JumpersKnee.net Facebook Page for everyone to see.  LIKE the page to share results and to see others results.

Click on a bottle below



 Beware that side effects are possible with any supplement.  I recommend researching possible side effects before taking any supplement.  And always check with your doctor before taking any supplements.
- From Creatine and Glutamine I personally experience muscle cramping and found it easier to over heat.  Hurts my cardio performance. (I don't have any problems now that I keep my doses low and don't take any on cardio days)
- From L-Glutamine at max doses I felt like it made my whole body a little achy. (I've tried L-Glutamine and Creatine separately for Tendonitis and I am happier with my Creatine results.  But I like this supplement because it has both L-Glutamine and Creatine in it.)

 Now that my Jumpers Knee is gone, Training is now my BIG FOCUS.  I am getting great results from the Jumpers Manual workout.  The training is building up my legs jumping muscles which is helping me with my sports performance and helping to prevent future injuries.  Not to mention, who doesn't want to be able to jump higher.  I recommend doing jump training on a cushioned / matt floor.

 Now, of course no one can guarantee that all this info will work for you, but I can tell you that it has worked for me and all of my friends that have tried it.  I'm confident that its going to work for you, but whether it does or not, please submit a Testimonial so that we can all share valuable info to help each other out.

More detailed helpful tips to over come your tendonitis.

 I've found that no matter what age you are the most important thing is to warm up first (I'm not talking about stretching, I only lightly stretch after I'm warmed up).  Start slow and do not play hard until you are warmed up. Also, do not over train by playing to much at one time or by playing too many days a week.  You need rest and healing time.

 SLEEP is also very important.  Sleep has a very anti-inflammatory affect on your body.  Also, when you fall into a deep sleep, your pituitary glands secrete HGH which is very good for the healing process.  That's why I take a power nap every day!  FREE HGH :)
 I also wear a neoprene knee brace that has a hole in the center, it offers compression and helps to heat up the muscles and tendons in the knee area while also giving support. I have found that if I wrap a pulled muscle or a strained tendon with an Ace Bandage before I play my sport, it is very therapeutic.  I think it offers support and increases blood flow to the area. Blood flow is what promotes healing. May sound crazy, but that's why I also sleep on my stomach so that blood pools towards the knee area, plus my knees are straight and under no stress while I sleep.

 It is very very very important to have Great Shoes and Great Insoles.  Nike makes a shoe called Monarch, I wore the Monarch 3's for years, now they came out with the Monarch 4's.  They have Full Length Air!  They are so awesome for playing sports, I love these shoes.  I use great insoles for added support even though they're not really needed with these shoes.  I feel like I'm walking on pillows.  I get mine at my local Shoe Carnival.
 It is also important to build the muscles in your legs to support your knees.  I use a Stair Stepper.  It provides an awesome low impact workout.  I love my Stair Stepper.  I shopped around before finding the one I use.  You can find it in my Jumpers Knee Store.  Its way cheaper and way better than others in my opinion. 

 You can also try Anodyne Light Therapy which is an infrared light therapy. It increases blood circulation deep into the problem area using infrared light.  Blood circulation is what promotes healing. I bought one years ago and I also love it.  There is only one Anodyne Light Therapy out there that I know of that regular people like me can afford.  You can also find it in my Jumpers Knee Store.

 The supplements gave me the boost that I needed to overcome my jumpers knee and I now maintain good knees with my training and therapies.

  The bottom line is, my knees feel better now than they did when I was in my 30's (I'm 43 now).

 Since my knee's have felt so good for so long now, I have began to step up my leg training.  Its making my legs feel good and strong.  It is very important to build up your legs jumping muscles to prevent injuries like tendonitis.  I am doing the Jump Manual workout.  Plus I'm determined to get my vertical jump back to my personal best which used to be 37".  I know that's not the greatest vertical in the world, but its respectable for a 43 year old dude.


- YOU MUST NEVER Jump until you are very warmed up!!!
- When playing a jumping sport on a hard surface, You MUST Wear Quality Shoes made for Jumping, not Running! Also Add some High Quality Insoles!
- You MUST Do Proper Leg Strengthening/Vertical Jump Exercises! (the stronger your legs jumping muscles are, the less stress you will put on your tendons to accomplish your jump) (check out Jumpers Manual) (train on a cushioned surface)
- YOU MUST Give Your Body REST, Eat Plenty of PROTEIN and Get Plenty of SLEEP!!!
- THE HUGE FACTOR in me getting over my Jumpers Knee was the fact that I took L-Glutamine.
I'm 43 and I play a lot of ball and I do not have Jumpers Knee any more.  These Tips should help you get over your Jumpers Knee and help to keep it gone.  Read on for more valuable info.

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What is Jumpers Knee?
(patella tendonitis)

  Jumper's Knee (patella tendonitis), is a relatively common condition that causes, soreness, tenderness and sharp pain in the front of the knee, just under the kneecap.  The patella tendon is what connects the kneecap to the shin bone.  The tendon,  the quadriceps muscle and the quadriceps tendon are features that allow your knee to straighten out and provide strength for the straightening motion.  The patella tendon is made of tough string like bands that are surrounded by a vascular tissue lining that provides nutrition to the tendon.

Jumpers Knee (patella tendonitis) is caused by overuse and or over straining the tendon.  The patella tendon is put under extreme tension when performing explosive movements such as jumping, landing, taking off and direction changing.  The common sports associated with this condition is Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer, Track and Field, Football, and Badminton.  Micro tares as well as collagen degeneration can occur in the tendon if it is left untreated.

Jumpers Knee


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Below are some of the old Testimonials

---- Original Message -----

From: "Kenneth K"
To: <jimmy>
Sent: Thursday, February 03, 2011 5:10 AM
Subject: Testimonial Submission


> Hi Jimmy
> I'm writing from Denmark to let you know how grateful I am that you shared your experience. I've had jumpers knee for half a year and it's been killing me and it got worse day to day. I went to my doctor and he told me there's not much to do but rest. I went home and searched the internet for more information. After visiting some more "official" sites I ended on yours and read your story. Since all the other sites suggested nothing else but rest or operation, I immediately ordered both glutamine and creatine. I received the creatine first and tried it. It helped at lot and took away the pain by aprox 60%, but it made me extremely tired and the rest of my muscles hurt, so I stopped using it. A week ago I received the glutamine and it worked after just a few days later. It seems to have no side effects and the pain is almost reduced by 90%.
> Thank you so much!
> Kind regards,
> Kenneth K

Donga's Testimonial

----- Original Message -----
From: sadsad etgweg
To: <jimmy>
Sent: Friday, June 25, 2010 7:49 PM
Subject: thx for ur help

hi Jimmy

thx for ur help ,,,

i am donga from Egypt , 21 yrs old , i have jumper's knee 2 years ago , i tried all treats , it sucks so much my friend ,,, 

i lost 2 years and i would be one of the best soccer players in the world ,,, i cry so much when thinking about something in my knee and i do my best with therapy and work out and no progress ,,, i lost my college cause of my knee , i swear i won't go to college until i back my knee again and back to play soccer ,

i want to travel to Germany to start playing as professional soccer player ,,,,

please i want to have my knee back again good ,,,,

tell me if this product won't affect my performance in the future and is it legal for soccer player ???  i scare to take it ,, please tell me if u can

and thx for all that and if this will work for me i promise u i will tell all my friend players about what u advised me for

thx Jimmy


(I replied)

I've found that no matter what age you are the most important things are to
warm up first (I'm not talking about stretching), start slow and do not play
hard until you are warmed up. Also, do not play to many days a week  You need rest and healing time.
I also wear a Tru-Fit knee spandex type knee brace that has a hole in the center when I play on hard
courts.  It helps to warm up the knee quicker.  Plus I've found that the
compression helps things heal faster.  I think it helps blood flow to the
area.  Blood flow is what promotes healing.  May sound crazy, but thats why I
also sleep on my stomach so that blood pools towards the knee cap, plus my
knees are straight and under no stress while I sleep. 
Also it is very very very important to have Great Shoes and Insoles.
My knees feel better
now (knock on wood) and I'm getting ready to turn 42, than they did
when I was in my 30's.  All because of all the things that I've taught
myself to help myself out.  The supplements also make a very noticeable
You can also try a infared light therapy.  It draws blood to the problem area and promotes healing.  I bought one from www.LightRelief.com and I love it.

Hope it helps.




Michael's Testimonial

(Michael wrote)

Hey Jimmy,

I just used your link and bought the supplement. I have had patellar
tondonitis for over a year now and I really hope this stuff works! Do
you have any idea how long it will take to work?

Thanks a lot.


(I replied)
> Give it a couple of weeks.
> Please let me know how it does for you.
> Jimmy.

(Michael wrote)

> Hi Jimmy,
> Well I got the supplement a couple of weeks ago and have been using it
> since that time. I must honestly say that yes it has helped a great
> deal. I am not exadurating when I say that the very next morning after
> the first night of taking it my knee felt about 70% better!
> Now, I continued to take it as directed every night before bed and
> although my knee is a lot better, it seems to have reached a point
> where it just isn't quite feeling 100% (it's stuck at around 80%). Is
> there anything else you recommend I do to make sure my knee gets
> completely better? Also, how long was it before your knee was
> completely better again?
> Thanks a lot,
> Michael.

(I replied)
I cant really remember how long it took for my knee to feel in the high
percent range.  Creatine also helps, but you gotta watch taking
because I can tell it kills my cardio endurance when I play sand
But a Creatine and Glutamine combo really makes me feel good.  Just
over do either one.  Ive recently started taking very low doses and it

Good Luck!



Pete's Testimonial

(Pete wrote)

Hi Jimmy,

I came across your website last night while "googling" patellar tendonitis treatments. Thank you very much for the info and spreading the word. I too like you play a lot of sports and am very active. I have had patellar tendonitis for 14 years, the last year it has gotten much worse and developed into patellar tendonitis. As you well know, it SUCKS.

I have seen a top knee doctor several times, had an MRI, and done lot's of physical therapy. The friction massage and eccentric exercises help, but the knee is not nearly as good as I would like. I am very interested in the supplement that you recommend and I think that I will try it.

How did you hear about how it might help your tendonitis, and why do you think that it works?

Thank you again very much. I am passing lots of good karma on to you for trying to help people with this frustrating problem.


(I replied)

I figured out that Glutamine helps tendonitis by accident. I bought a weight lifting supplement called Anavol. After taking it I realized that my patella tendonitis went away. After taking the anavol for a good while, I noticed it started making me jittery ( at least I think it is what was doing it ) any how, when I quit the Anavol my tendonitis started to come back. I had a feeling that it was the Glutamine in the Anavol that was helping my Tendonitis so I started taking Glutamine by itself and my Tendonitis went away again. Its awesome stuff. I hope it works for you too.


(Pete replied)

I just ordered 2 large bottles from your link and am very excited to start taking it as I have been dealing with this problem for so long. I will email you back in a month or two to let you know how it is going. Thank you again VERY MUCH for your help!!!



Jason's Testimonial

(Jason wrote)


I have been suffering from Jumperís knee for about 3 months now.  I have been struggling to find someone else who has been through this experience to give me a little motivation as I constantly think about how much I love to run.

How long did it take you to fully recover? I have been to physical therapy for about 2 months and I just donít think that it helps that much.



(Jason wrote)

Hey man,

I got some of your supplement a few days and Iím taking it religiously now.  Hopefully I will see some change.  I will let you know how it turns out.


(I replied)

Hey Jason,

Just checking on your Jumpers Knee status.  How is the Supplement working for you?


(Jason replied)

Ha, itís funny that you ask.  You know, I know Iíve never met you, but I think youíve at least given me a little bit of motivation.  My g/f and parents think Iím crazy in trying so many different types of treatments, but I really think the Supplement is really helping.  Iím taking the Supplement, some vitamins for bone strength (canít remember the name), and Omega Fish Oil.

Itís very strange, but I really feel like I have no pain, which is good.  I donít think Iím ready to start running just yet, but I canít tell you how much I appreciate the encouragement.

Will def let you know when Iím back at 100%




My personal testimonial

I had Jumpers Knee for approximately 5 years.  Now I feel like I don't have it at all.  I play the hardest position in Volleyball (as far as jumping goes), middle hitter.  I have to jump on almost every offensive attack and almost every defensive play.  It doesn't phase me now.  My knees feel great.  Its also cool that I can dunk a basketball again!  I was very happy and excited to find something that actually worked!

Dave's Testimonial

(Dave wrote)

  I'm writing to let you know that I tried the glutamine that you recommended and I take the recommended daily allowance.  I swear I started noticing a difference within 2 weeks.   It worked just like you said it would.  I've been taking it for over a month now and I can't believe my jumpers knee is finally gone!  I wish I would have known about this along time ago.  I am going to send all of my friends to your site.


Dave H.

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